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Since its first edition in 1997, Vincenç boned has been visiting ParisPhoto. This event aroused in him a passion for the photographic object as an element of collection.This exhibition, the world’s first reference in the field, brings together gallerists, authors, publishers, curators, cultural managers as well as art collectors. From historical photographs from the XIXthcentury, through the classics of the XXthcentury, to the most contemporary photographic creation, Photo Paris is a favorite place for buyers.


    Our collection, under the name of Tagomago Collectors Project, has been built up over the years through meetings with authors and gallery owners. The collection consists mainly of works of which we know the authors personally. This is the singularity of this collection, which is not just an accumulation of iconic works or authors. The fact that there was no specific “editorial line” also makes this collection unique. The acquisitions were guided by a very spontaneous impulse, although as in any collection the compulsive aspect is obvious.

Among the artists in the collection, there are internationally recognized authors such as:

  • Martin Parr

  • Malik Sidibé

  • Rober Ballen

  • Alex Prager

  • Ignasi Aballi

  • Saul Leiter

  • Joan Foncuberta

  • Cristina de Middel

  • Patrick Bailly-Maître-Grand

Classic Spanish authors :

  • Toni Catany

  • Ferran Freixa

  • Manel Armengol

  • Colita

  • Gabriel Pérez Siquier

  • Joana Biarnés

Emerging authors :

  • Aleix Plademunt

  • Ricado Cases

  • Stephen Gill

  • Israel Ariño

  • Albarran Cabrera

  • José Ramón Bas

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